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Journal > Dispatch #9 (November 2023)

Posted 2023-11-01 under #dispatch

It was nice to have a quieter month after so much travel this summer. We got a few extra weeks of warm weather, which meant a few more weeks of biking with Nev, and plenty of time at the museum and all the local playgrounds. I decided to run the Bull City Race Fest half-marathon despite having to rest my ankle for the last week of training (result, certificate). I faded pretty hard down the stretch, but still managed to finish in under two hours – not bad for an old.


At my job, I did a cool project working with data from a Freematics car telematics device. I built a data exploration API using Gin and learned jq to truncate enormous JSON objects1. I also got to, just like, drive my car around to test things out.

I also made some updates to my golong tool to prep for a fantasy NBA draft. Now it can munge multiple CSVs of data and supports multiple position eligibility2 and average stat projections3. It worked great, and my team’s looking solid so far. I’ll open source it one of these days.


I’m still having a blast with the Novation Circuit Tracks I got last month. I came up with a track I actually really like, which I’m calling “Radiatus” (which is a type of cloud):

It’s really fun once you’ve got all the parts set up just to play the Novation, bringing drums and leads in and out – that’s how I recorded these tracks. I imagine it’ll only get more fun as I learn how to better twiddle the knobs to change the sounds. We’ll see – maybe I’ll come up with 2-3 more cloud-themed tracks and release an album!

My phone (and yours probably) sends me these photo slideshows periodically, and I’m an absolute sucker for them. One recently featured a track by Lack of Afro, and I’ve been listening to his stuff ever since. Check out “For You” (or really any of it – it’s all good).


I made a few updates to the website this month:

I’m really happy with Hugo – it’s simple but flexible enough to handle every challenge I’ve thrown at it. Building and maintaining this site has brought me a lot of joy this year.

This month:



  1. I was getting back complex nested JSON structures containing arrays with thousands of elements. To truncate all arrays in a JSON response to two elements, you can do curl [url] | jq 'walk(if type == "array" then .[0:2] else . end)'↩︎

  2. An NBA player is often eligible as both a forward and a center, for example. ↩︎

  3. NFL projections are typically season-based, NBA are per-game – the tool can now take per-game projections multiplied by projected games played to get total points. ↩︎