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Journal > Dispatch #4 (June 2023)

Posted 2023-06-01 under #dispatch

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Lake Norman, but it was like 55° and rainy the whole time. I’ve been loving the mild weather for the most part, but I was definitely looking forward to some kayaking and dock jumping.

We finished off the closet project – building the second unit was a lot quicker than the first, since I really just had to scale up the existing plans. Then it was a matter of adding the connecting rod and shelf. I think it turned out great, though I’d like to improve at building drawers. Here are some before and after shots (courtesy of Claire):

Other life updates: we had a big work retreat at the beginning of the month at the Tides Inn, which was incredible. I celebrated 15 years (15!) with the company, and received a scooter as a gift. This thing is rad – I’ve been really happy with the e-bike, but it’s nice to have a smaller option for quick trips to the office or corner store.

We signed up for the local JCC since they have the best/only outdoor pool in the area. As a bonus, they have a nice gym, and I managed to get ~4 workouts in over the month. Hope to keep that up, though June’s pretty packed. I didn’t manage to fit in any long bike rides, but I did get a trailer hitch installed on the car, which was a bit of a process. Now I just need to select and purchase a bike rack and a whole new series of adventures should be unlocked.

I read Building a Second Brain, a book about digital note-taking systems. It inspired me to try out a couple different PKM apps. I was initially drawn to Logseq, but the editing experience was a little rough and it didn’t seem to support adding PDFs and images to notes. I’ve settled on Obsidian, which checks a lot of boxes even though I’m not a huge fan of Electron apps. I set up a web clipper tool so that I can quickly send links from Brave to Obsidian. I also started keeping public notes, inspired by some digital gardening stuff I’ve been reading.

I didn’t write any Go, but I did start a notes page about it and have a decent idea for a starter project. I need to make some actual progress here this month.

Final thought: when I was younger, I’d engage in a lot of “what if” thinking, imagining myself living totally different lives. This tendency decreased as I got older and built a life I was increasingly happy with, but never entirely went away. But since Nev came along, it’s really the end of that – she’s so awesome, and any timeline where she doesn’t exist exactly as she is right now just doesn’t have any draw.

This month: