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Journal > Dispatch #2 (April 2023)

Posted 2023-04-03 under #dispatch

March was great – took a two night/one day work retreat, spent a weekend out in the woods with the family, had my annual trip to Las Vegas, and participated in Viget’s Pointless Week. Also got to spend some quality time with Nevie; she’s a great kid and it’s amazing to see her personality come out.

In April, I’m finishing training for (and then running) the Tar Heel 10 Miler, and heading down to Lake Norman for the first time in 2023. Hoping to get Claire on an e-bike this month, as well (eyeing the Aventon Pace 500.3).

I didn’t make much progress on the closet project this month (took some measurements and had some discussions with Claire), but I did manage to build this “learning tower” for Nev and started acquainting myself with Affinity Designer.

This month: