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Journal > Dispatch #17 (July 2024)

Posted 2024-07-10 under #dispatch

We welcomed baby Nico on June 12. He and mama are both healthy and well. Nev’s a great big sister, if a little vigorous with her affection at times. It is a big shift, going from double coverage to single, but Claire and I both grew up in four-person households, and something about adding a second kid resonates at a very deep level.

I took a few weeks off after the birth, but I’m back to work now (mixed feelings on that – could have taken a longer break). We’ve been able to do a bit of traveling – quick trip up to Richmond to see my family, long weekend at Lake Norman with Claire’s.

A coworker at Viget, Nathan Long, publishes a weekly newsletter, and he recently gave me a little shout and included one of my favorite book quotes:

Pay attention, that’s all … Notice things. Connect what you’ve noticed. Connect it into a picture. Think of how the picture might be changed; and act to change it. Some of your acts may turn our to have been foolish, but others will reward you in surprising ways; and in the meantime, simply by being active instead of passive, you have a kind of immunity that’s hard to explain.

– Neal Stephenson, The Confusion

My buddy Ken, who records as Carillon, released a new album called Venus. Stream it wherever you stream your streams. He also worked with an animator to make a music video for one of the songs which is really pretty neat.

We’ve had a mouse in our house for the last few months. It didn’t really bother me, seemed pretty cute and harmless, and I’ve got ZERO appetite for mouse murder. But eventually he did make his way into our HVAC system and start causing problems, so I did a little bit of research and ordered a few of these humane traps. Turns out our mouse was actually six mice and counting.

I ordered a copy of Pouch magazine, “a new indie magazine for stationery lovers.” Really cool if you’re into pens and notebooks and things like that – just very well done. I hope the creator publishes more issues.

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