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Journal > Dispatch #16 (June 2024)

Posted 2024-06-11 under #dispatch

TOMORROW IS THE DAY we welcome baby brother to the world, and I wanted to get this out before everything changes. I’m excited, for sure, but bringing a baby into the world is a major thing and I’m anxious for Claire. The joy can come after, once everyone’s emerged healthy.

We had a great month with Nev. Highlights included a trip to the lake, the Running of the Bulls 8K, and the Beaver Queen Pagent. I want to say it was our best month so far, though that might just be preemptive nostalgia, since this is the last month she gets 100% of our attention. But she’s just such a fun little person. I couldn’t been more proud of her.

Here’s some new music:

This was fun to make – a couple iPad synths connected to my Circuit Tracks, running into the SP-404 for effects, with my MIDI keyboard to add some wobble to the main synth line. I recorded this all in one take, which is not how most people make music like this, but it has a fun, performative aspect to it. I’ve also spent time trying to learn the SP-404 in earnest – it is a neat, complex machine.

This month:



I don’t have anything great this month but I recommend Baldur Bjarnason, Tim Hårek and Installer on the Verge for interesting links – they always seem to find good stuff.