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Journal > Dispatch #12 (February 2024)

Posted 2024-02-04 under #dispatch

We spent MLK weekend with my folks in the Shenandoah Valley, and visited Luray Caverns, something I’d done as a kid and still rips 30 years later. Neat place, highly recommended if you’re ever in that area. We also got some snow at our cabin, which was pretty fun for Nev.

I signed up for the Wrightsville Beach Valentine Run 10K in early February, which has added a little bit of focus to my running without the commitment of half-marathon training and gives us a good excuse to spend a weekend with Claire’s sister in Wilmington. Might try to keep that going, finding organized 10Ks in places we want to visit.

I stumbled on this article (via) about an iOS feature that periodically updates your lock screen to a random photo of a selected person. It is … delightful.

Here’s a new track called “Altocumulus”:

I really set out to make a track that didn’t have a bass hit on one and three and snare on two and four, but some things you just can’t resist, though you can tell I tried for the first 90 or so seconds.

Also! My buddy Ken, who’s been the major source of inspiration and encouragement as I work on this stuff, recorded some percussion tracks for the song I recorded last month, “Orographic”:

I also found a really nice app for practicing scales. Apple catches a lot of shit for its app store policies – perhaps deservedly so – but as a consumer, it’s hard to complain. I traded a couple emails with my buddy Prayash. He’s a super talented musician (among other things) and has a new track out called “Weightless” that’s worth a listen. He also put a video on Instagram of his production process which is neat.

I installed these crossbars on our car in the hopes that we can avoid replacing it with something bigger for a while longer. I get a real kick out of DIY upgrades and fixes like this – using your brain and hands to adapt the things you have to better suit your needs is so, so satisfying. Fellow Durham blogger Christopher Butler put up a good post that speaks to this same idea:

One thing I hope my children learn is to nurture the balance of curiosity, creativity, and willingness to mess-up that is needed to make the world your own while you’re here.

Couple security updates: my favorite TOTP app, Raivo, got bought up by a shady-looking company, so I switched over to to 2FAS. Super smooth onboarding experience, and I actually prefer its authentication flow (browser plugin ➡️ push notification ➡️ Face ID ➡️ “Approve” ➡️ autofill). Also, I listened to a podcast some months back that described the damage a thief can do with a stolen iPhone, so when I learned about this new Stolen Device Protection feature, I enabled it immediately.

I finished Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales and decided to stay on the short fiction train with Story of Your Life and Others. I’m abler to engage with short stories containing topics I find unpleasant in long-form fiction, maybe because I’m less invested in the characters – I loved “Story of Your Life,” but I’ve absolutely no desire to watch Arrival, the movie it inspired.

Finally, I made a pair of updates to the website:

This month:



  1. Running w3m -dump -o display_link_number=1 <url> gives a nice plaintext version of a webpage with numbered link references (via this helpful StackOverflow link↩︎