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Journal > A Month With Helix

Posted 2023-08-03

As mentioned in last month’s dispatch, inspired by a post from Tim Hårek, I’ve been using Helix exclusively for the last month. I’m using it right now to write this! It rips!

I’ve been a Vim user since ~2010 after moving away from TextMate. I’m rather proficient in it, though it’s an incredibly deep tool and there’s always more to learn. I’ve become frustrated with my setup over the last few years, specifically around some conflicting plugins. I’ve intended to start from scratch with NeoVim, learn how to configure it with Lua, get the native language server stuff working properly, etc., but it’s a lot of setup.

Helix, on the other hand, is a new editor, inspired by Vim and written in Rust. It doesn’t support plugins and instead tries to be a fully-featured editor right out of the box. It has the same major modes as Vim (normal, insert, visual) but then also offers “minor modes” (e.g. hit g in normal mode for “goto” mode). It’s cool, and it all works together well.

What I like:

What I don’t like:

Pull it down with Homebrew or similar, and give it a shot. Hint: you launch Helix with hx – figuring that out might’ve been the hardest part of my Helix journey so far.