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I know things are slow on this site, but it’s not as if I’ve given up writing online entirely. These days, I put my technical posts at Viget Extend, our development team blog. Here are a few of my posts from the past few months:

Getting (And Staying) Motivated to Code — my first attempt at a “soft” post.

Stop Pissing Off Your Designers — the follow-up post to the Refresh presentation I gave.

Out, Damned Tabs — how to rid your code of unwanted spacing.

Backup your Database in Git — like the title says. This one earned a good amount of discussion on Hacker News.

Simple APIs using SerializeWithOptions — a plugin I put together to cut the repetition out of building XML and JSON-based APIs in Rails.

Single-Use jQuery Plugins — published today! Write jQuery plugins to package up site behavior.

If you’re into Ruby on Rails or web development in general, there’s a lot of good stuff on the blog. And if you already read it, I promise this is the last self-promotional post of this decade. To the extent that having your own website isn’t inherently entirely self-promotional, adverbially speaking.

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