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Placing the stamp of approval on:


Far and away the best movie about high school I’ve ever seen, and coming from a former card-carrying member of the Freddy Prince Jr. fan club1, that’s saying something.


The latest novel in F. Paul Wilson’s “Repairman Jack” series, which gets better and better as it goes. A good mix of urban action-adventure and supernatural horror.

Mark Boulton

A great website, with tutorials on typography and web color (err “colour”). He’s publishing a book of this stuff soon, so enjoy it while it’s free.

Sound Team

The best music I’ve heard in a while—these guys are really something. My favorites, “Back in Town” and “No More Birthdays,” are available on iTunes, so give Stevie J. his two bucks and check ‘em out.


Mary recently had a horrible experience with Camera Works, a local Durham business. She’s posted a warning to other would-be customers/victims. Again, that’s Camera Works of Durham, for the hard-of-reading/webcrawlers out there.

1 Not actually. Gross.

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