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Just finished a song I’ve been playing with for the last few weeks. It’s an instrumental jam, so don’t expect the next “Sk8r Boi”, but I think it’s got a nice sound, and it was a very rewarding experience to put all the pieces together to create it.

The process went like this, roughly: I recorded and looped my acoustic guitar and some hand percussion using Ableton Live and then added some MIDI keys over top. After a fair amount of compression and EQ tweaking, I took the finished rhythm track into GarageBand for the lead guitar — it has a bunch of nice guitar tones that I couldn’t achieve in Live. I like to think that you can hear the influence of Stevie Ray Vaughan in there, but you’ll probably just hear the influence of, y’know, quarter notes.

Anyhow, If you aren’t going anywhere for the next three minutes …

Four (mp3)

I hope you enjoy it — thanks for listening.

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