Around "Hello World" in 30 Days

Posted 20 May 2010 under , ,

Last weekend, I flew out to Chicago to coordinate DevNation Chicago and present my findings from my month of new technology. In hindsight, I probably bit off more than I could chew trying to do both; maybe if it was the second or third time giving the same talk it would have been alright, but putting together a new talk consumed most of my energy in the days leading up to the event. Fortunately, Shay from Relevance was there to pick up the slack, and the conference went off without a hitch.

The talk itself was, in many ways, my most successful thus far. The contrast on the projector was crap, so a lot of my sight gags fell flat, and a few audience members mentioned that I need to speak louder. That aside, the audience responded really well to the talk, and a number of people came up to me afterward and said they found it inspiring, which was flattering to say the least. Here are my slides, in full color glory:

I hope to give this talk a few more times, though I’m not sure where exactly it’ll be appropriate. It’s not language-specific, so I’m not sure if I could get it accepted to a Ruby conference, even though I think that it’d go over well there. Stay tuned.

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