A Fresh Start

Posted 20 June 2006 under , ,

I’ve decided it’s time to step back into the ring and create a new personal site—I’ve been away too long, too long. Since last we spoke, hrm … I graduated from college … built a web site, and released it to solid reviews … that turned into a job, where I work on cool stuff all day. So here I am, alive and well in Durham, NC. All in all, things are going well.

In any event, I plan to keep this site updated with new music, photos, and thoughts. It’s all strung together with Textpattern, a cool (and free) blogging package with a novel, XML-style templating system. I chose it over other platforms mainly because of its technical flexibility—you can have a site up in five minutes, or you can really get your hands dirty, editing templates, CSS, and even the underlying source code. Textpattern has a strong community around it, so if there was something I wanted to do that TXP didn’t seem to support out of the box, chances were good that a quick search would reveal a plugin to solve the problem. I used a few of them to handle tagging, archiving, and contact.

A few more credits: I used Jason Gaylor’s incredible Worn Photoshop Brushes to get that vintage look that’s all the rage these days. Also, FeedBurner is great for managing RSS feeds (a good explanation of RSS can be found here).

‘Til next time—thanks for stopping by.

About Me

I’m the Development Director at Viget in Durham, North Carolina. I’m also an avid reader, traveler, cyclist, musician, coffee fiend, and friend of birds.