David Eisinger


I’m a technologist living in Durham, North Carolina, USA with my wife and daughter, plus a dog named Steve and a parrot named Tad.

My parents met at IBM and I grew up around computers (my favorite was the PS/2 Model P70). We were online pretty early, first with Prodigy and AOL, then moving onto the web. I started making websites in middle school (a few I made in high school are still online as of March 2024). I interned at webMethods for two summers and saw both sides of the original web bubble. I studied Computer Science in college and have been making stuff for the web professionally ever since.

I work as a developer and manager at Viget, where I’ve been since 2008. Ruby is my primary language, but I enjoy working across a variety of technologies. I’m super interested in Golang these days.

In my free time, I enjoy running, cycling, woodworking, making music, and creative programming.


I’m available by email at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you.

You can receive my monthly dispatches via email or add my RSS feed to your feed reader (I use and recommend Feedbin).


This site is built with Hugo. I recommend Brian P. Hogan’s Build Websites with Hugo if you’d like to set up your own Hugo site from first principles.

It’s deployed via GitHub Actions to a small Digital Ocean server running behind Cloudflare. I use Caddy in a Docker container to serve the site.

Image dithering is handled via a small webservice I’ve detailed in a dedicated post.

The links on the homepage are pulled from my Pinboard bookmarks. I create plaintext backups of pages I link to with w3m.

I manage my monthly dispatch emails with Listmonk, also running as a container behind a Caddy proxy.

Source code is available on GitHub.